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Hello Everyone.
My name is Terri.  My husband Ken(45yr) was diagnosed 1 yr ago with CC.  Long story short-had successful 80% liver resection by Dr Esquivel at Stanford in 7/05.  Was treated here in Reno for 7 months with Gemzar.  At the end of treatment had a baseline scan done that showed the cancer had returned.  Dr Esquivel said because of the placement of the new tumor, no surgery was possible.  He referred us to Dr Goodman at Stanford for the Cyberknife treatment.  Cyberknife was done 5/06.  Yesterday had a 6wk follow up and the PET scan was CLEAR!  Follow up scans planned for 6 wks and 3 months.  By no means is the battle over, but it was great to finally have some ggod news.  I would totally recommend Stanford for anyone!

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that is great news, lets hope the beast never returns.  I am sorry that your husband has had to suffer with this.  Where were the mets? - on his liver only?


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Welcome to the website.  Please give Ken our best!  Will Ken do anything systemic (chemo) in the meantime or will you wait and see?


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Ken had a softball size tumor that had incorporated his gallbladder so it was also removed with the resection.  No lymph node involvement or spread to any other organs.  He was told there was no hope with anymore chemo so...  No other treatments are pending, if/when it comes back, they may be able to do Cyberknife again.