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Last weekend I visited Teddy's daughter and met our 7 month old Great Grandson for the first time. Talk about reincarnation! He has Teddy's blue eyes, thin lips, back of head, arms, bow legs,  strength like I have only seen in Teddy and is bow legged like Teddy. When he came through the door his eyes fixated on me, then his mouth opened wide, then the biggest smile I have ever seen and THEN he blinked at me with both eyes, just like Teddy used to do. I got to play with him and hold him for 3 days! He has a look in his eyes of an old soul and it will be so interesting to watch him grow. It was love at first site. So, yes, there is a circle of life.


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Oh Lainy. What a beautiful story. It was nice you got to have a little bit of Teddy for a few days when you looked at your grandson. You sure did have one special guy and a special love.

My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

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That sounds so sweet Lainy!


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Lainy, a little messenger from sweet!

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Re: Circle of Life

Wow - how wonderful, Lainy!!

I look forward to hearing more about him as he grows xx

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