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I hope everyone is well.  A little story to share from this weekend.

My daughter turns 3 tomorrow and her birthday party was on the weekend.  As with most important times, I was really missing Dad.  On Sunday, Katelyn found a penny, brought it to my husband, and said "here Daddy, a penny from heaven, Papa's heaven", and walked away.  Well that was enough to set off the water works from me (ha ha).  I called all the adults that Katelyn is around regularly to find out if anyone has ever said Pennies from Heaven to her, and sure enough, not one of them ever has.  Thinking about it, she's JUST 3, and doesn't even know currency, so wouldn't know a penny from a dime. 

Glad to know Dad's still around and willing to send a little sign when I need it the most smile

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Aw, Jennifer, I so miss you, girl! Happy Birthday to Katelyn! 3 all ready! What a great Birthday gift she received from her Papa. We don't need any more proof than that! I just loved this story.


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What a sweet story, Jennifer. So wonderful that Katelyn's Papa visits her. It must be such a comfort to you to know he is still around. Take care.

Love, -Pam

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Re: Pennies from Heaven

No need to miss me Lainy - I'm never far.  In fact, I'm here every day keeping tabs on everyone.  I'm just quiet, that's all smile

Definitely don't need any more proof then what we've already experienced to know there's more out there and Dad's still around us!