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For all of you, i opened this subject because, sooner or later, due the therapy of chemo or radiation, the majority of you will arrive to a severe anemia. This situation it is apearing by the wich kind of regimen of therapy you are taking and/or by cumulation in time of such powerfull stuff they are giving to you to cure you.
Severe anemia due to chemo and radiation it is a very difficult thing to treat and the most important thing is that they will have to stop to give you cure therapy. There are just a few treatments in our cases that it can be given - blood transfusion, EPO and iron - it depends how they conssider the best for you.

The problem is that the supplements doesn't really help, because our body doesn't assimilate the products that we are taking or the food that we are eating, not us much as we need to arrive at one Hemoglobyn of at least 9.

In the case of my husband, wich is in a very poor state of anemia due to long term chemo and radiation - 2 years and 6 months - he could resist this very well until now - without too much side effects than a slight fatique - because a few "simple" things and one amasing one. We turned back to the basics and let the civilisation away for others.

I will give you this:

- we sold everything that we had and puted the money in the bank for dark days or for eventually transplant;
- we moved in a very clean and high oxygenated area in Belgium named SPA - Ardenne - wich has lots of forest, peace and mineral watter to the robinet;
- we are not buying anything anymore - since 2 years and 6 months - from the supermarkets and we are having only products from the local farmers;
- the litle house in wich we are living now it is a very simple place with garden and green space and a caw named Arabella- caw from wich we have everyday raw milk - wich you cannot find anymore in the shops for food; i make my own yogurt and cheese and everything that you can have from milk;

Now, the "amasing" thing:

I took conection with a great romanian scientist in apyculture and he adwise us about the bee products: honey, pollen, queen milk and propolis.
The most powerfull it is the pollen and we had great results during the time, together with chemotherapy. It is just one condition- you have to find a producer of bee products in an notpoluted area and the pollen has to be raw and kept in the frizer. For my husband he had to take 2 tea spoons of pollen per day and keep it in the mouth until is disolved completely by the mouth juses and swolled. This is the way of taking wich my husband liked. A better and easyest way is to disolve a tea spoon in a half a glass of watter - not mineral watter but normal watter- and drinking. I asure you it is a great limonade.

Bee pollen is a powerfull booster, it works greater than any medicine for anemia and imunity and it is used in Romania terithory fror more than 3000  years.
Now, my husband started to take again the pollen and he is smoodly starts to feel back on a track. We will see on wednesday the blood levels. And in a few weeks i am sure he can have treatment again.

I will come back with some interesting  links for you all people.

God bless youl,

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