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Anyone have any experience or knowledge of this target therapy: HSP90-
heat shock protein 90?  It popped up on my FB page and there's not too much info that I can find on it's significance on cholangiocarcinoma


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Anna, Gavin just posted a link on this very question today.

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Is this what popped up on your FB page today? … 55701.html

Have you tried using the search forum function at the top of the page to see what else is here on the site?

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Re: Heat shock protein 90

The study that Gavin linked was done in a dish.

17-AAG is the name of the drug.  Heat shock protein 90 (HSP90) is the target of the drug.

17-AAG is also known as Tanespimycin. It was tested in a number of clinical trials:

None of these trials involved cholangiocarcinoma.

This article says that Bristol-Myers (pharma company) has abandoned development of the drug: … nt-halted/