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Topic: Scan time again.

Yep. It is scan time again. Lauren has a CT scan tomorrow at U of M. It is at 5:30pm. Yes, for those of you that remember, last time we thought her MRI was at 9:30am and it was 9:30pm!! So I double and triple checked this time. We have a good feeling this time that things will look better. Last scan was not good. Lauren said her liver pain is gone since she started on this new chemo, so hopefully that is a good sign. Her back is feeling a lot better too. She has been more tired, but I really think it is from the Xeloda. She went to the Browns game yesterday and had to walk about two miles to the stadium from where they parked and then all the way back. She sure is a tough nut. She is exhausted today but got up and we went to breakfast with friends. Her poor feet are sore from the Xeloda, but walking that far in sandals really did her in. Please cross your fingers and say a prayer that this chemo is doing it's thing. Thanks and much love to all of you.


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Re: Scan time again.

Pam....four miles in sandals is not a small undertaking. Lauren is such a trooper!  Most of all though I am thrilled to hear that she is not bothered by pain in her liver area.
Of course, everything is crossed for tomorrows scan results. 
Tidal waves of good wishes are heading Lauren's way; can't wait to hear of the subsequent good news.


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Lots of prayers, Pam.  I really hope you get great results.


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I will pray for a wonderful scan for your daughter!


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Pam, I have everything crossed for tomorrow, even my eyes! OMG! Lauren makes me so ashamed of myself, it's enough for me to walk from one chair to another! Sending you prayers, good vibes and lots of great juju.

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Re: Scan time again.

Hi Pam,

My thoughts will be with you and Lauren tomorrow as Lauren gets her scan. And of course, my fingers will be crossed for the best possible results and tons and tons of positive thoughts are coming your way from me over here. She sure is a tough nut as you say, a real trooper!

Hugs to both of you,


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Re: Scan time again.

Pam, thinking of Lauren and your family tomorrow.  No pain sounds like you will get good news.  Saying little prayers for you tomorrow.  Stay strong!

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Pam and Lauren,

I am so happy Lauren's pain has gone away and she looks fantastically healthy!
Praying for lots of shrinkage tomorrow.
Love you both,

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Re: Scan time again.

Praying for great scans and good news-Cathy

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Pam and Lauren,

Sending tons of positive thoughts and wishes your way. Fingers crossed for a great scan tomorrow.


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Hi Pam, So glad Lauren is feeling so much better! She is a tough nut like her mom! Sending tons of postive thoughts her way as always! Hugs. Nancy

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Re: Scan time again.

Please keep us posted!  And as always, I am praying for good news!
Have a safe trip!


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Praying Pam.

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Re: Scan time again.

I will be thinking of you both tomorrow and sending good thoughts.  Sounds like it should be a good one.


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