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Topic: How CC has strengthened our faith

This week it has been two years since we got the results of Lisa’s Liver CAT scan which has literally turned our world upside down.  The Great news is that Lisa is still with us and has been fighting for her life the whole time.  As Lisa and I have talked about this the last couple of weeks one nagging question has and continues to come into my mind. What is GOD trying to tell us by allowing these horrific events to unfold in our lives the past two years?  I have stood by helpless and watched my wife of 24 yrs. endure an unbelievable amount of pain and suffering in order to survive.  During that time she has taken everything that has happened to her with grace and a positive attitude which should be an example to all of us.  I do not know if I have come to the correct answer but at this point this is the best I can surmise.  My relationship to God was like a casual friend, I would call on him when I really needed sometime but other than that I was perfectly fine handling my life on my own.  He on the other hand was not satisfied being treated like an ATM machine and only being allowed in my life when I felt like it.  On three separate occasions in the past two years I did not know if Lisa was going to live or not.  He has used these times to really get my attention, and to get me to come to grips with what is really important in life.  I thought I Loved my wife before all of this happened, but now I truly understand the meaning of Love.  And I feel God has told me that is how much he loves all of us and that he wants us to make him the first priority in our lives.  Not just on Sundays or not just portions of our lives but our entire life.  Through this whole ordeal my relationship to God has grown to the point where he is involved with every aspect of my life.  I know many of you have prayed and continue to pray for Lisa and our whole family and we have appreciated all of it.  We continue to need prayers as Lisa keeps up the fight against this terrible disease. But my thoughts and prayers are for everyone else that you will make God your number one priority in your life so that something positive can come from all of this suffering.  Because only God can take tragedies and make something good come from them.  Lisa has a CAT scan on Oct 5th to see how her Liver looks after all of these treatments, please pray that there are no new tumors and that the two tumors that were treated are dead.  Lisa and I really appreciate all of the Love, kindness and Prayers we have received as everyone has held us up throughout the past two years.
David Craine

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Re: How CC has strengthened our faith

Dear David, this is absolutely one of the most beautiful tributes and posts I have seen on our Board. What a magnificent family you all are! My personal belief is that God is all over and he knows what is in your heart. However with that said, when my Teddy was diagnosed he had already started turning back to his Catholic Church. He found so much comfort not only in his Church but with my Rabbi. He felt he needed to cover all his bases. LOL....but he made Peace with everyone, he never judged others and he was the kindest man I have ever known, but with a big twinkle in his eyes. No, he was not perfect but he was very wise. We all  called him, "the wise old guy". Before his 2 big surgeries he asked for God to come through the hands of his surgeon but he NEVER, ever asked for anything for only himself. He only asked for things for others. I am not sure what the reason or whys are all about. Somehow they are to teach us life lessons and if we are open enough we do learn. I always say that we have the bravest, most couragous , loving and caring people on this Board and if they ran the world what a beautiful place it would be. We all care so much about Lisa and there are so many prayers that go out to her, I truly hope you both can feel our spirit with you at all times. Again thank you for this memorable post.

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Re: How CC has strengthened our faith

Hi, David,
God bless.

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Re: How CC has strengthened our faith

David....I also am touched by your beautiful posting.  Know that a tidal wave of good wishes are heading your way.  May the October 5th appointment be the best ever.


Re: How CC has strengthened our faith

David-You and Lisa are a great example why people should marry!! Jeff and I celebrated  our 25th anniversary while I was sick. I will always remember how he helped me out of my wheelchair to stand and renew our vows, we both chuckled at "in sickness... "! I love the way you wrote about your casual friend God, that hit so close to home. I always knew there was a God and his power, but boy did he wake me up!! I am alive because of God, 2 strangers and Dr. Chapman!
Praying for many more anniversaries for you and Lisa-Cathy

Re: How CC has strengthened our faith

Just simply ......BEAUTIFUL!