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Hello everyone, This is my first post. I have been using your site for awhile now. My husband was diagnosed in Jan of '06. Saddly, he passed away Feb 18, of '07(.I guess the reason for me joining now is that i still check to see if any progress is being make for CC. I feel this nasty cancer is part of my life now. I hope someday we won't need this anymore.
My Michael was only 46 when he passed, but he fought all the way and never gave up. Please know that because of all your postings we found strength and info that we really could use. Thank you

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Hello Terri - sorry you had to join us under these circumstances and so very sorry about Michael; it is a journey that none of us wanted to travel.

I was e-mailing back and forth this morning with Marion Schwartz and I told her this board is like a family to me now.   I lost Sam on August 10, 2006 but there is not a day that goes by that I don't check on everyone and the progress that is being made.  It just keeps me sort of "connected"; I have gained many friends.  Stay in touch.
Betty Johnson

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Terri, I'm so sorry about Michael, too too young!  I hope you're doing alright.  Like you, we have gotten so much support and great information from this site.  Take care of yourself.


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Hi Terri,
So sorry for your lost of Michael.  Glad you joined and hope that this site can continue to be of help in some way.  A lot research and some novel treatments going on as well as some more alternative possibilities but nothing concrete as of yet.  The horizon is looking hopeful though.  How are you coping Terri?  It's so devastating to loose a loved one too this disease.  If we can be of support in some way just post away.
God bless,
Jeff G.

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Hya Terri

I feel so sorry that you are having to go through all of the heartache with the loss of Michael. I see that you are coming to the one year mark. The pain that we feel when we loose our loved ones is so raw.

I note that Michael was diagnosed in Jan o6, my Alan was still working but had a slight pain and some acid, certainly nothing to worry about.

Became  really poorly at the end of Feb. and not diagnosed until March and we lost him at the end of April 06. It was all so quick and with so much shock.
I too come here every evening, this place is so special for me. I know everyone on here understands what has happened.

I feel that I know these people, especially with the photos.

love and light Alan's mom


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Terri- welcome- so sorry abour your loss-
progress?  hope

blessed are those that are cracked,
for they let in the light!

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February 18th is so close. You are in my prayers.

Scott turns 42, tomorrow, so we are probably at about the same stage in life. This disease is sobering, to say the least.

God Bless,

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Thank you all for such a warm welcome, that is the exact reason I finaaly joined. You are all so supportive and understanding.It's is like family as Betty said. I will truly enjoy being part of this family. Thank you all again

God Bless you all, Terri

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Welcome Terri-we value everyone's input and the voice of experience is  always needed.  So sorry about your Michael.  My Dave is a fighter too. We will hold you in our hearts on Monday.  We will be back at the Cancer Treatment Center of America for another round of chemo then. Take care and keep in touch.