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Here are a few things that you might like to know about the foundation.

They have established a Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) headed by Dr. Steven Alberts - head of the GI oncology department for the Mayo Clinic, he is joined by Dr. Nicholas Vauthey - at MD Anderson as well as others well established and well respected in the field of GI oncology. 

They have been focusing their attention this year on establishing relationships with the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI).  We need them to more fully understand the need for funding to be allocated to cholangiocarcinoma.  Both Dr. Alberts and Dr. Vauthey have research funded by and published for these institutes and having them on board helps assist us in getting the funds we need for research.

All the funds that have come to the foundation have been used for two purposes, outreach and patient advocacy.  Last year we attended the two ASCO conferences and could not have been more warmly welcomed.   All of the Dr's we spoke with wanted to be involved with the foundation and were excited that a group was going to step up and do some advocacy to get government funding for research into cholangiocarcinoma. At these conferences we are able to speak freely with the top oncologists, surgeons and radiologists in the nation.  We are able to make them aware of the foundation and the things we are trying to accomplish, we have established critical relationships and the work is moving forward.   This year we have and will continue to attend additional conferences and establish relationships that will help increase the focus and attention on cholangiocarcinoma.

We have had many gracious people give us use of their expertise and knowledge as we have traveled down this road.  At our last board meeting in Houston, Paula Kim - founder of PanCan (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network - her groups advocacy at the NIH and NCI is responsible for many of the last years recent developments in Pancreatic Cancer) spent several hours on a conference call with us helping us understand exactly what needs to be done to really get funding that will impact cholangio patients.  Her assistance has been invaluable to us.

We also continue to reach out to the cholangiocarcinoma community.  You will see on the new website that we intend to have more information about cholangiocarcinoma than anywhere else in the world.  Any patient that comes to the website will have everything out there at their fingertips.  We hope patients will never have to do their own research again.  Unfortunately we find that many don't find the site until a family member has died or it is too late.  We are developing marketing materials right now for oncologists that will direct their cholangio patients to the website.  We will also be attending the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) conference in May where we will distribute to 6,000 oncology nurses information on how to direct their patients to the foundation for support and also information for hospice nurses, who deal with cholangio rarely and find it difficult and different from other end-of-life cancer experiences.

These are just a few of the things we will be doing with the funds from the foundation.  We hope in 2009-2010 to be prepared to start funding our own research into cholangiocarcinoma.  Right now we don't have ample funding to do that, however we are working hard to establish the kind of relationships that can draw the best and brightest minds in medicine to the foundation so we can begin.  We all feel strongly that we can make a difference and appreciate those who have faith in us to do so.

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To The Stubbs Family-
I am so very sorry for your loss, and will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.  May the Lord continue to be with you and your family during this time.

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Hey Jamison,

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I just keep remembering all the summers he spend with us out on the boat, all of those crazy nicknames he gave us and his passion for sports. He was a big part of all of our lives back then. Mr. Stubbs Thanks for the great memories, Thanks for being there for us in high school. Thanks for seeing the good in me and always lending an ear. Your never judge us and your advise was always welcome. You help us become adults and grow with God.  Those summers were some of the best days of my life. I will take those memories with me and share them with my kids someday. Thank You.     

God Bless You,
Rest in Peace

Semper Fi

Tommy "TERRIFIC" Painter

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To The Stubbs Family -

     My prayers go out to you.  Know that the Lord will give you strength and comfort to get you this.


God give strength to everyone affected by this terrible disease.

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Here is a list of some of the hotels in the Annapolis area. Disclaimer: These are average prices I have found. Of course, there are AAA, AARP, government/military, and full prepayment discounts at some or all of the following hotels, so you might get prices for less. I didn't bother blocking off rooms at any one hotel in particular because people tend to have regular brands they like or have frequent guest accounts with certain brands. Plus, there are many other local hotels/motels and B&B's in the area if you are interested, just do a search online. If you do plan on coming into town for the memorial service, if you wouldn't mind emailing me at letting me know where you will be staying and when. We just aren't sure how many people to expect. Have safe travels.

ANNAPOLIS MARRIOTT WATERFRONT: downtown Annapolis, more expensive around $240/night, but great view of Annapolis Harbor.
LOEWS HOTEL: downtown Annapolis, moderate to more expensive around $160 to $200/night. … rview.aspx
THE WESTIN: downtown Annapolis, more expensive around $179/night unless you fully pre-pay for your stay, then you can get rooms between $112 to $140/night. … rtyID=1573
O'CALLAGHAN HOTEL: downtown Annapolis, moderately priced around $140/night.
THE SHERATON: next door to Annapolis Mall, moderately priced around $120/night. … rtyID=1266
DOUBLETREE HOTEL: near Annapolis Mall, moderately priced around $120/night. … CSGBIX2VCQ
HAMPTON INN & SUITES: near Annapolis Mall, less expensive around $100/night. … cn=ANDMDHX
HILTON GARDEN INN: near Annapolis Mall, moderately priced around $120/night. … cn=BWIANGI
RESIDENCE INN: near Annapolis Mall, moderately priced around $130/night.
SPRING HILL SUITES: near Annapolis Mall, moderately priced around $120/night.
COURTYARD: near Annapolis Mall, less expensive around $110/night.
HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS: near Annapolis Mall, less expensive around $95/night. … tid=271379

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I'm so sorry for your loss. May God's strength and love be with you.


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My WONDERFULT American Daddo is not with us anymore..........
The world has lost a fantastic person! I`m so thankful that I became his Swedish daughter in 1986 - he made my year so great! Allways so positive, warm, caring, loving and funny! We always laughed together, eating Oreo cookies with milk in front of a "gout" movie. He taught me to waterski, many great rides in the country side. Such a warm and "wonderfult" person that I will miss so much. I`m very sad but also happy that I got to know him! My love to Mammy and Jamison!! I will be thinking of you on Sunday!
Lots of Love from BIG H - Helene in Koh Lanta, Thailand. Philip 1:3

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Dear Carole and Jamison with family.
We just heard from Helene that Jim passed away a few days ago. We are so very sorry but also in comfort that he has no pains anymore.
Our warmest condoleances and thoughts to yoy all from Berit and Janerik in Sweden.

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Entry for February 20, 2008
The memorial service will definitely be at Annapolis EP   on Sunday February 24th. The service will begin at 3pm, but for those of you that want to come a bit early, there will be coffee, sandwiches, and refreshments provided in the Fellowship hall starting around 2pm. In lieu of flowers we are asking people to make donations to either the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. Checks can be sent to

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Entry for February 21, 2008
There has been a bereavement rate set up for anyone who wants to stay at the Sheraton for $79/night. Call 410-266-3131 and ask for Patricia Cassel. Tell her you are attending the memorial service for James Stubbs to get the rate. It is good for a room either with a king or 2 double beds. Leave a message if you aren't able to speak with her directly.

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Entry for February 29, 2008
Leap Year entry for anyone who is still visiting this BLOG. I wanted to say thank you to all the family and friends that came in to town for James Stubbs' Memorial Service. It really is amazing how many people my dad had met and became friends with over his life. Even though the circumstances weren't ideal, it was great to see all of you for a little while. Thank you for all your kind words of comfort and encouragement. This is probably my last entry. God Bless you all.