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Does anyone know when and if a patient's appetite ever returns with a klatskin tumor??? What can be done for the poor appetite?

Also, what are the benefits of stents vs catheters in terms of bile drainage?
Any help is always appreciated.

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Scott's taste has been off ever since they put in the biliary drain. Also, the chemo has proven brutal this way.

His dr prescribed marinol. It comes from marijuana and is an appetite stimulant. While it doesn't make food taste any better, it does make him insatiably munchy and has slowed his weight loss. 

Marinol is quite pricey. They said we could purchase some off the street pretty cheap and have him smoke it, but that's not really an option for us........ still, something to consider.

God Bless,

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Belle -

     My wife's oncologist prescribed MEGACE for an appetite stimulant.  It's a liquid.  Seems to work pretty well.


God give strength to everyone affected by this terrible disease.

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Hi Belle,
   My husband has had both stents and drains since diagnosed in June 06. The stents are less bothersome but you have to deal with infection with both. THey usually use stents if possible but if not then they will put in an external drain. They require more care obviuosly, flushing the drainage tube, skin care at the drain site and emptying the bag. The stents just need to be changed every 2-3 months with an ERCP procedure. Take care. Mary