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Hello everyone,small update on George,he ask me to call his Dr's nurse because of pain,well I did,she said what I told George she would say take him to er''.then we can get the liver biopsy and bone scan sooner.well my stubborn husband says he don't want to be in there on the weekend,all the good nurses and Dr,s are off and said he will go monday'grrr'he says his pain is tolarable most times.well just a rant I guess love hugs and blessings

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OK, so we give George a little reprieve BUT if it gets worse let him know who is running this show now!  LOL  Little secret? Teddy's first Whipple was aborted after 4 hours and it was a Friday. The Surgeon put him in ICU and said he did that as the better Nurses on the weekend were in ICU. I know! George just wnts to watch the Emmy's at home on Sunday!

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your probally right Lainy,i just got him a new recliner,one thats push button,i think he just wants to enjoy it a little longer,he looks and says it eases alot of his pain,he loves it,but i did tell him about monday...hugs love and blessings Lynn

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Hi Lynn,

Sorry to hear about the pain that George is in right now. Have you got pain meds for him over the weekend? I know what you mean about stubborness as I have a mum that is equally as stubborn as George sounds! Also, I have a hole in my wall here that has developed over the years from me banging my head into it! Grrrr indeed to stubborness!!!

A good rant every now and again helps loads! So keep on ranting and make sure you get George seen on Monday!



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Hi Lynn,
As a patient, I can understand George's hesitation.  I've been in the hospital many weekends and it is scary when none of your docs are around.  I was sent to the ER at a different hospital on a Friday night.  The ER docs took a look at my records and got spooked so they transferred me to the Clinic.  The beginning of a very long weekend.