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Not the best topic to discuss but my dad has been really struggling with a lot of gas.  This symptom typically happens 3 days after his chemo session.    He takes GasX and Ducolax (sp) but still is constipated and full of gas.  He did have an Xray in order to rule out a blockage and everything came back fine.  He has also tried wheat grass to get things moving but that just gave him more gas... :-((.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.  Have a great Tuesday!

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Our Naturopath suggested my son try Prairie Shots and they have worked really great.  He hated the taste of prune juice but needed the "help".  You use a shot glass fill with half prune juice and half black cherry juice.  Warm for a few seconds in microwave and drink it.  My son does one to three a day and it helps with everything it should.  It's also really easy to get a man to use a shit glass!  Good Luck and hope this helps!

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I apologize.  I was just re-reading my response and saw a letter exchanged.  It should read SHOT GLASS.....SHOT GLASS!  I hadn't even noticed how close those letters are to each other on the keyboard.  Sorry

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I use Miralax daily and it helps and does not give me cramping or gas.
Good luck

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Hi Formydad,

My dad also had some issues with gas and these are very common unfortunately. Although he never had chemo so his gas issues were non chemo related. But, he used to use Lactulose in the morning and night and that helped him quite a bit. He tried Movicol but that didn't work for him at all really compared with the Lactulose. He also loved prunes so started eating lots more of them and they worked well also. I know that prunes arn't everyones cup of tea, but how does your dad feel about them?

Also, my dads specialist suggested eating foods that were easy to break down as that would help with digestion. Foods such as minced beef, soups etc and also moving around after eating a meal could help as well. Hope that you can find something that works for your dad here.

Best wishes to you and your dad,


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the easier way is to try mineral oil over the counter,ash the pharmacist on duty how much your should take.(IE:  30 ml first and if not work ,repeat it one more time?) or

Dulcolax 2 tablets first and repeat in 2-3 hours?(maxium 4 tablet in one course of attempt in general) and may be follow with an suppository too,  ask the pharmacist in the drug store and they should know.

As Lisa suggested, Miralax 1 packet daily take it for a few days should work better than Metamucil  and relatively safe.
Senakot-S is stronger than Senakot.
Peri-colace is the same as Senakot-s; Colace is the same as Senakot. I am talking here about substitution strength; not generic substitution.
Last but not least,l the Go-lytely solution but you need a Rx for it ;that is why if the OTC drug don't work within 3 or 4 days or trying ,consultation with a doctor (GP) is a good ideas;but make sure you tell them what OTC medication you had tried and not been to your satisfaction. Otherwise the doc just prescribe the same old thing for you and you will waste time and money.
God bless.

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Re: Gas addition to what has been mentioned so far, I would like to add that small walks and tons of fluid may help move things along.
I would also like to add a few links from previous discussions on this much discussed subject of flatulence and constipation: … hp?id=1763 … hp?id=4622

Good luck and please, keep us posted.


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Thanks all!  This place is filled with so much information.  I copy and pasted the information in an email to my mom. 

@Notdoneyet- Hilarious!  It fit so perfect in that spot considering our topic!  No harm done. 

I appreciate all of your input.  Thank you so much for your time, input and concern.  I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!