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Question here, I have questions about cachexia. Can anyone help?

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hi - we have chated on john hopkins i think? - i know that ukmember who checks into this site regulary has info on cachexia..

i do not know very much about it - sorry, hopefully ukmember will reply to you.  Hows it going?


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Yes Hi Jules,
Hope your dad is doing well....I just thought maybe there would be some new voices over here with different experiences. It seems to be fairly slow.

My dad is losing weight rapidly and they mentioned cachexia. I am somewhat afraid and hope it doesn't mean an irreversible downslide. I would love someone with experience to let me know......

Take care Jules! :-)

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My husband had very severe cachexia. There is a post on the experiences section about it. I gave him build up drinks which stabilised his weight until he became really severely ill and then he was unable to eat anything and even when it seemed there was no more weight to lose, he still got thinner. THis is one of the common side effects of this disease and one of the most difficult to deal with.

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Thank you. I did read your posts and I think I followed it correctly. For some reason, the dates throw me. I get mixed up with the european way of dating things and think I am reading things wrong. I appreciate your response. We are now on 600 calorie shakes and trying to keep going. He won't do the feeding tube.
Hopefully, he will sustain and the chemo will kick in.
Thank you so much.