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Topic: (CFIDS) Anger a Frequent Companion

A lot of discussion about anger coming from those of us who are ill prompted me to do some searching of why?  I came across this site I wish to share and hope it sheds a little light on how people with chronic illness and anger come together.  Well at least what some professionals have experienced. Here is the link:     http://www.cfids.org/sparkcfs/anger.pdf     
I personally, If I have to go through this illness I prefer to do so with out the anger.  I ask the the lord to give me a place and time to do my venting.  I usually do it right here on this site but some times delete it. Ha!
Cheerio for now!
Jeff G.
P.S.   lot more by googling CFIDS.

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There's also the Kubler Ross stages.  How's it go

something like that.

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Isn't there any way to just skip to acceptance?