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Last week Dr. javle advised my mother not to take in much sugar, she loves her home cooked desserts and now will be missing out on her afternoon treats. How many of you have changed your diet  and are there other substitutes one can take? I was thinking since Stevia is derived from herbs can't be that harmful and will bring it up in the next appt.

Thoughts, suggestions, and as always thank you in advance.

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Hi MMML. Oh, so many schools of thought on this one. I recently talked to a Doctor of Research about the Sweeteners and he felt that the sweeteners were not harmful unless you consumed a truck full. On the other hand, having had my own rare cancer, and Diabetes ll I went off of sugar and sweeteners except for Truvia and Stevia which are the same except Truvia is less expensive. I also realized from reading labels that things like regular salad dressing are lower in everything "bad" and that diet dressings are higher! So, I am reading labels. As for cooking and desserts I just cut down on what I consume. Most often I find 1 cookie will do me for a dessert. Also found out that ice cream has over 30 grams of sugar but Gelato has 15. LOVE the Gelato and again a couple of spoonfuls will do me good. I would definately ask the doctor what he thinks but again I think moderation is a key point.


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I have heard the same about sugars.  In fact, I heard that PET scans actually measure sugar uptake to see where (or if) cancer concentrations exist.  I try and limit my sugar intake, but can't say I am overly rigorous about it.  Mostly if I do eat anything sweet I just feel guilty about it, so I try and stay away.

We also make most things from scratch so we avoid processed foods except in extreme cases.

I stopped eating red meat after I was diagnosed.  We used to eat a lot of red meat and I figured it couldn't hurt.  I think we did it mostly because it was something we could control at a time when we had so little control over so much.  Probably much like an anorexic limits calories to get control I guess.  We still do not eat red meat because heart disease runs in my husbands family and we just plain feel better without it.  But I have to say that sometimes we eat so much chicken I feel like I should cluck instead of talk.

I also developed lactose intolerance, so I avoid dairy, but I do love me my cheese, so sometimes I just suffer the consequences or take the lactose pills.

I've tried to get on a vitamin regime too, but it messes so much with my digestion that I've given up for the moment.

I agree with Lainy that the "diet" or "low fat" things often have more sugar and sometimes salt then their full on counterparts.  Best to read the labels and judge for yourself.  Also watch out for things marked "healthy" or "organic" and the like, oftentimes it's just to get you to buy it and it really isn't healthy at all.

Good luck.

Survivor of cholangiocarcinoma (2009), thyroid cancer (1999), and breast cancer (1994).

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Re: Sugar intake for cancer patients

My wife had the biggest sweet tooth in the world before she got sick. She used to spend a small fortune on premium chocolates, desserts, etc.

She drastically reduced sugar intake after she was diagnosed. It didn't happen overnight though. I had to work hard to turn her around. The AntiCancer book by Dr. Servan-Schreiber was very helpful.

That said, my wife is not exactly where I want her to be in terms of sugar consumption.

For example, she uses Agave syrup to sweeten her tea and coffee. She thinks it's not as harmful as white table sugar. This is not exactly true. Agave syrup *is* sugar, just a different kind than regular one.

And if sweetened beverage was not enough, she likes to have toast & jam with her tea or coffee.

Oh well. I keep giving her gentle reminders, but I'm not going to make a fight out of it.

By the way, I reduced my own sugar consumption more than she did. Go figure.

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Eli, I also use Agave Nectar since it has a lower glycemic index. I sweeten my coffee with it in the morning. I am really trying to limit sugar consumption but like your wife...I love good chocolates ! My husband laughed when I read him your post because he now eats less sugar than I do, he never cheats on red meat and I do every once in awhile and lastly, he gentle reminds me when I'm about to indulge!  He gave all these things up to support me and I have had a harder time giving them up ! I'm a work in progress...hehe

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