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From David Craine

Prayers are Answered

Written 22 minutes ago from David Craine

Throughout this two year battle Lisa and I have done more crying than anyone should.  But today we cried tears of joy as we found out that after her CAT Scan and blood work that right now everything is normal.  The CAT scan revealed that the two tumors that they hit with radiation are dead and shrinking.  NO New tumors are there, and her C19.9 tumor marker is 25, and below 36 is considered normal.  So this is the best news we could have possible gotten today.  Lisa and I can not thank everyone enough who have prayed for these results.  GOD does listen and has performed a miracle in our lives.  Lisa has been off chemo for 8 weeks now and we have not been doing anything but praying for a cure.  In the last two years this has never happened, every time we would stop treatment the cancer would return.  We meet Tuesday with our oncologist just to confirm everything but it looks like Lisa will have another CAT or PET scan in three months. So please change your prayers to let's keep the cancer from returning.

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Wonderful news, thanks for sharing. Wishing Lisa all the best.

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David and Lisa.....You just know how to brighten the day.  Congratulations.  Enjoy life, enjoy the world, enjoy that life can take on some normality again.
Many hugs,


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Oh my gosh!  That is WONDERFUL news!  Congratulations.  That just goes to show that one should never give up hope.  I'm so glad to have read this, it makes my day.  So happy for your family!

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Dearest Lisa and David, Miracle of Miracles! I am so happy that I am crying tears of joy right with you! And to top it off this gives such HOPE out there for others. That big Monster, CC, didn't know who it was dealing with! Enjoy, enjoy and all the upcomming Holiday will certainlly be celebrated to the fullest and with much thanks, I am sure of that. Gosh oh gee, I am so elated for you both!!! Now you begin the first day of the rest of your life! Dang I am so happy.

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Lisa and David, congratulations!! So happy for you.

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Great news!  Thanks for sharing!


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God is wonderful in His way to show His Grace in answering prayer.
It works.
God bless.

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Fabulous news !!!  glad to hear it and looking forward to many more posts like this!


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What great news indeed!!!!!! Love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us all!



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I'm SO happy for you, and for all of us! This is so wonderful.

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Wonderful!  Wonderful!  Thanks for the positive post!  I need this today.  Enjoy every moment.  You showed CC where to go and how to get there!  Happy day!!!!!!



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You give us all hope, Lisa. I am so happy for you and your family. Can't wait to see you again soon.

Love, -Pam

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Wonderful news, Lisa. You are an inspiration in your determination to lick this thing ! Hope you are celebrating!

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God is so awesome! I Adam praying that He will keep blessing you and the rest of us with healing and long life!

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David and Lisa...this is wonderful, fabulous and joyous news!  Thank you for sharing!  We will continue with prayers for Lisa's health.  Wishing you both all of our Lord's blessings...


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Great news Lisa!!!!
Looks like God answered both of our families' prayers.  We go back in 3 months for another scan. Praying that we receive good new then as well.
Too bad our appointments are several weeks apart or we could meet at Dr Estfan's office.


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Lisa.....What wonderful news! Enjoy.....and may you have many, many more clear scans!