Topic: Sorry so long but an update and a question about sleep at the end

Dad has been on hospice care for a few weeks now. We took him to Disney last week to fulfill his final wish. The whole family was there (14 of us). He got to spend a couple hours at the parks 3 days.

He is going downhill fast and I know the end is very near. He does not sleep. He thinks he does, but he doesn't. I kind of think it is to just keep him going. It is frustrating to mom because she has to be up all night helping him get up an down and make sure he is safe. I am going to come when my husband gets off of work this week (2 am) so she can sleep for awhile.

They have tried Ativan but it made him dangerously confused and out of sorts. I assume most sleeping or anxiety drugs will do the same thing as his liver cannot metabolize them?

Also, what else can I expect in the next little bit? I feel I have asked before but I don't remember and can't find my old posts from my phone.

Re: Sorry so long but an update and a question about sleep at the end

I am so sorry about your dad's decline.  I am sure your trip to Disney was very special for your entire family. 

I have been searching for a discussion that was posted a few weeks ago that outlined what happens at the end.  It quoted a hospice pamphlet that had some insightful information.  Unfortunately I can't find it and I hope someone comes along and posts the link to it.

Thinking of you all.

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Re: Sorry so long but an update and a question about sleep at the end

Dear Erin, how absolutely wonderful that you got to make that trip with your Dad. What wonderful memories you made while fulfilling his wish. Hospice does have a book and I know Teddy followed it very closely but as you know everyone is different. I am e mailing you a note about Hospice and what you may expect/look for. My heart goes out to your family and now is the time to be very strong.