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Topic: Avastin approved by FDA

Hopefully this will mean that patients having trouble getting insurance to cover Avastin will now have  better luck.  Approval was for Breast Cancer according to this article but this should provide a solid argument to go up against insurance companies.

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Re: Avastin approved by FDA

My wife Valeri had her first chemo treatment a couple weeks ago on 2-14-08. Avastin was one of the chemo drugs she was given and on 2-22-08 we went back to CTCA and the tumor is a little smaller. This same day she had more chemo but without Avastin as I think they can only give it every other time. We go back in two weeks to have another scan done.
                                                                         Matt & Valeri

Re: Avastin approved by FDA

Hi Matt and Valerie,
Glad to hear tumor is  a little smaller.  Hope you continued to see success with shrinkage.  Just a thought to think about; if for some reason the shrinkage stops or doesn't remain stable, I would be asking Oncologist about alternative chemo instead of going the full 8-9 treatments.  I found it saves wear and tear on the bone marrow in the long run. Wish you guys the best.
Jeff G.

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