Topic: I'm not a Shaman, but.....

I'm going to a sacred place and i will send out a prayer of good health and happiness to all the CC family. My husband and i are going on a 3 week river trip down the Grand Canyon- one of the Seven natural wonders of the world!
We leave this morning to drive to AZ. I will be thinking of everyone and wish you a great october.

Re: I'm not a Shaman, but.....

Hi Meg, I just answered your email. Have a wonderful time and we would love to hear about your well deserved trip on your return. BTW, you know that in the Grand Canyon they have mules that you can ride from the top to the bottom. These mules are trained in the dark of night WITH blinders on! They never miss a step! Have a great adventure!

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Re: I'm not a Shaman, but.....

Thank you for the special prayer for all with CC. How was your trip? Sounds like something my husband and I would love!