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for each and every one of you on this site,i could'nt have asked for better cyber are all keeping me together through this journey,and i love you all.also so grateful for Barney,hes not on this site,but a chaplin who comes to see george,what a wonderful man,and now georges buddy,george just lights up when he comes to visit....Love and hugs to you all always..lynn

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Love and hugs to you, too, Lynn xx

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Lynn, cyber friends are good but the cyber hugs and love are the best, especially on this site!

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yes they are Lainy,now,if i can get tru tv to air repeats of lizard lick towing it would make my year,george loves that show,and it so nice to see him laugh...

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Thinking of you and George and hoping for the best.   Lots of love & hugs being sent  your way from Wisconsin.


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Hi Lynn,

I don't know what I would do without all of these wonderful people either. They are all so great and so are you. I hope you can get George to laugh. Big hugs and love being sent your way.


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Lynn, I agree, the people here are wonderful and loving. They are like a second family.

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