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I underwent Y-90 treatment on the right side in July & then due to fluid buildup was not able to have Y-90 in Aug for left side. Started diuretics in September and then underwent 5 treatments of external beam radiation in early October.

Now having trouble with fluid buidup again even though my liver Dr doubled the dose of my diuretics. Dr appt today to see what is going on with Oncologist.  We saw the Liver specialist Dr last week & he stated I likely have only 6 months if the latest radiation doesn't work.

I was diagnosed in April 2011. They gave me 3 months then.......obviously we beat that. Can someone fill us in on the progression of this awful disease? What things begin to happen or what symptoms can we expect as things get worse (of course we are praying that will not be the case & radiation will begin shrinking the tumor).

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Dear Mike, welcome to our remarkable family but sorry you had to find us. Do you mind telling us where you are being treated? We are strong believers in 2nd and 3rd opinions and we don't listen too much to time lines as everyone is so different. I can't tell you about the Y-90 effects but I know our members will be on line soon to help. If you decide to get another opinion, you would need to gather LABS and test results and FAX /email them to your choice of ONC. Sending you best wishes.


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Hi Mike,

Welcome to the site. So sorry that you had to find us all and I am sorry to hear what you are going through right now. But I'm glad that you've joined us here as I know that you will get a load of support and help from the great members here.

Like Lainy has asked you, have you thought about seeking further opinions regarding treatment options etc? If you haven't, how do you feel about doing that now? Some links that may be of use to you if you want to look at other opinions. A list of major treatment centres in the USA - … enters.htm

And a link that was created by the members here. It is of treatment centres and doctors that treated either them of their loved one - … hp?id=3126

I wish that I could help with the y-90 and radiation, but my dad never went through any of that so I can't share any personal experiences. Hopefully some of the other members here will be able to offer some personal experiences that will be of use to you. Try not to focus on a time scale Mike. You were given 3 months in April 2011 and we are now in November 2012! And we have many members here that were given X months or so and they are here kicking and fighting still!

Keep coming back here Mike, we are here for you. Stay strong, let us know how things go for you and know that we care.

My best wishes to you,


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First, please stay possitive, there are so many options, the more I think we are at the end of the rope then we learn of something new.  My mom has been getting chemo for 10 months, then we learned of the Y90 thru members of this web site. Unfortunately she could not do this because of all the CT scans that were required and we were fighting her low kidney levels.  We just finish the cyber knife, this was such a easy process and very little prepwork involved.  The success rate for shrinking the tumor in the liver is very high we have been told.   

We did this procedure last month, we will find out in 3 weeks the results.  I will make sure to post this immedialty. 

The Radiation oncologist we used is Dr. Ana Botero, Memorial Regional Hospital in pemboke pines , florida.  954-844-6808, she is amazing.