Topic: My dad's condition can anyone help?

Hi, my dad was diagnosed with intrahepatic cc last year in march and had a total left lobectomy then after just six month he had a reccurence while he was on gemzar then the onc decided to change the regimen and told him to take xeloda but the progression of the sickness is still going but my dad is feeling ok he is in good shape the onc said to change again the regimen to folfox4 since 3 month ago but he wasn't very positive about the prognosis so he stopped chemotherapy and switch to alternative medicine  ( another onc told me that he don't need to take the chemotherapy since the prognosis is poor let him live in peace he just have around 3 months to live!!) but I didn't told him that it was since 4 months from now and he is feeling very good  he is a alkaline diet and we met  a doctor who is a family friend he is working on the energy of the body he believe that he could take out the disease of his body but he said its need some time until today my dad is ok but today he decided to have a blood test to check his liver functions he had the gamma gt elevated to high to 265!! and we are waiting for the ca19-9 result for tomorrow I'm really worry about him coz the onc said he had just 3 month to live and he is still here with us and feeling ok no symptoms and a good appetite you couldn't even imagine he is sick does the gamma gt. elevated mean a bad sign I believe if he would be on chemotherapy his health would have deteriorated but he is still good

Re: My dad's condition can anyone help?

Hello, Mark, I am so sorry to read what Dad is going through. My first and only thought is to get another opinion from another ONC. The answers you are getting do not sound right to me. Make sure if you do this that the ONC and the Hospital have experience in treating CC. I know other members will also chime in here for you. Appreciate the update even though it is not what we wanted to read. Be strong!


Re: My dad's condition can anyone help?

Hi, Mark,
I am sorry, but I think the CA-19-9 will be higher due to the fact that the rising of the Gamma GT value which is correlated with the rising ALP ,the enzyme that related to the inflammation of the bile ducts.
If I may , get a 2nd opinion on interventional radiology to see what they can do if surgery is out of the question RFA, CHEMOEMBO,RADIOCHEMO will prolong your father's life much better than the alternative treatment. And all the above procedures are  much easier to tolerated. I have ICC and I did RFA and one chemoembo at the same time and walked out the hospital next day.
Seriously, Mark, you know as well as me nobody can predict how long a CCA patient can live and enjoy life. I am one of the example, by looking at the stats, I should be long gone by now or at least bedridden with a sorrow heart of why,why, why, I have this cancer. But as of now, thru God's Grace, I am still around and working . So please fine appropriate treatment for him,encourage him to rethink his treatment plan.
God bless.

Please know that my personal opinion is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If  provided, information are for educational purposes.Consult doctor is a MUST for changing of treatment plans.

Re: My dad's condition can anyone help?

Hi Mark,

Just my opinion, but I really don't like when doctors give a timetable of how long someone has to live. If your Dad feels good, that is great. I couldn't imagine having my daughter's doctor tell me when she is going to leave us. I would not want that hanging over her head or our family's. I know about the whole 5 yr. survival thing. I think everyone gets told that. I choose to remain positive and hopeful. Like Lainy said, I think I would get a second opinion with someone that treats a lot of people with CC. I'm sure that your friend that is a doctor has good intentions, but might not be the right person to help your Dad. Wishing you and your Dad all the best.


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