Topic: My husband's molecular testing results

Today we received the report of Foundation Medicine's molecular analysis of my husband's tumor.  The analysis revealed three genetic mutations; one of these is identified in about 25% of CC tumors, one is rarely found in CC but is more common in skin tumors, and one has not prevoiusly been identified in CC patients but is sometimes found in lung tumors.  The report was unable to identify any FDA-approved drugs tageting these mutations but did identify related clinical trials that may be useful.  Our oncologist has consulted with a specialist at the U of Chicago and the consensus was to continue my husband's current chemo regimen (FOLFIRINOX) as long as it is effective.  If it is not effective at some point, then we will move toward clinical trials.
  While I had hoped that approved drugs targeting the mutations would already be available, I am still glad we received this information.  Particularly when dealing with a disease as diverse as CC, I think it is helpful to know all we can about the tumor.   At present only a small percentage of oncologists are ordering molecular analysis but I think it will eventually become routine.  The costs are going down but this analysis is still quite expensive and is not always covered by insurance. 
  My husband had his second FOLFIRINOX treatment today.  He will have a scan at the end of his fourth treatment so we will then know whether the chemo is working.  The good news so far is that his side effects have been minimal and the oncologist is very pleased that he is tolerating it so well. 
  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Re: My husband's molecular testing results

Linda, thank you for the update and how very interesting! Good news so far on the non side effects and let's hope the Scan reveals more good news! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Re: My husband's molecular testing results

Thank you for sharing!  Best of luck with treatment.