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I missed this when the article was first published a few weeks ago.  Perhaps a new chemo with some promise.   Others here may know more but a search didn't turn it up in any posts I could find.

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I hope it does work. I read the article and although I really want it to work for us, I want it even more I think for the pancreatic cancer sufferers. I dont know if anyone else plays the "cancer game" like when someone says I had x cancer, and then you think come back and talk when you get a "real" one ( I know that is TERRIBLE, it is just jealousy)  or then when someone says I have y cancer, you think I really do have it good. I always think I have it good when I hear about pancreatic cancer. We have some hope, but they really have none and I cannot imagine living without hope. So I from the bottom of my heart wish that this is truly an advice and offers all of us (including those pancreatic sufferers) real hope.

Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

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Devoncat, you know, I feel the same way about people with "easy" cancers, horrible as that is... I mean, how awful is it when you think snide thoughts about someone who had a lumpectomy for breast cancer?

But some people understand. An acquaintance of mine said, "Well, I had cancer, but it was one of the 'good' kinds (prostate). I was never bad-sick, like you."

And I do know someone with pancreatic cancer who is doing reasonably well for the moment.

Peace, hope, and healing to all!

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Hi Kris,
Yup,  I do it too.  Although I've never had the hutzpah to admit it publicly.....

Pancreatic and CC are both adenocarcinomas.   And the AC's = badguys!

Has anybody out there seen and read "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips" by Kris Carr?  Actually, it's a film as well.

Slanted more toward women but she has a great attitude and it's a uplifting light read after all the pubmed slogs we try to get through some days.


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Thanks Peter.  I think I will like that book and I want one of those "F*** Cancer hats!

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The book is great and loads of fun.  YOu can order one of the F*** Cancer hats through this site:

by the way, Kris also has a site and  blog:

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I've got the hat! Have worn it to work (cool people) and then forgotten and gone into the grocery store or what not and boy did people stare! I saw the video on a TV special and it was very upbeat and supportive of the under 30 cancer people. I'm not in that group, but hey, the hat is cool! - even if a bit unexpected in a 50+ rotund little lady! smile

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Love it! 
Can you post us a picture of you in the hat?
Actually, having said that I'm not sure if attachments work here.

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Hahaha, The pic I have of me in the hat isn't cute - during some rotten chemo. But... I would. I sent a pic of me in the purple wig my daughter bought me for Christmas this year. It's such a hoot! People have to grin when they see it. I don't know if that part of this website is working anymore _ The Face of...???
The F* Cancer hat gets a bit of a different response!