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Dear Friends,

It will be six years in January that I lost my Dear Dad and it feels like a lifetime ago since I felt the warmth of his embrace. There have been oceans of tears in that time, but also moments of crystal clarity and I wanted to share one of these moments with you in the hope that you will find some comfort in these words.

We’ve all had life events that break us and hopefully we’ve been able to put the pieces back together but we are never the same; sometimes the pieces don’t fit back the same way and sometimes there are gaps in the mosaic of our hearts- but there is a beauty in that unbroken-ness.

In my mind, I imagine that the broken who have been pieced back together can be like earthly angels with a broken wing. Despite sadness, there is often a way to comfort. Intense pain resulting from losses somehow connects us and in a Divine and Holy way, we have the power to heal each other and in so doing we transform ourselves by being for others what we need for ourselves; we can transcend our pain and infuse it with meaning in the process.

Angels with broken wings can’t fly;  at least not by themselves. But together with other such single-winged beings, they can soar because alongside a similarly fragmented soul they miraculously become whole.  We can be them if we choose... we can lift each other up; and that gives me hope... we are meant to carry each other; to lighten each other’s hearts even when our own is heavy laden.

So, if we accept this broken-ness, it can be a blessing when we recognize that together we can take flight... and to think that it is the Breath of God who gently directs our course, this reminds me of His perfect and Divine choreography, that we often will only be able to appreciate from the ultimate destination when we finally, softly, and safely land by His side.

Many times I lose this clarity because I still view the world through sad eyes, but more times than not I am able to remember that my Dad expects me to live and sometimes the only way I can do so is in his honour.

I wish you all peace of heart and spirit,
God Bless,
Missing U

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Dear MissingU, that is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read and so very true. Thank you so very much for posting that amazing letter.


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I agree with Lainey. This truly is one of the most beautiful and inspiring posts I have ever read. I am sure your Dad is very proud of you and I know he wants you to find happiness. All of our lost loved ones do. Lainey and I have have had many real physical communications from our lost husbands and I always come away feeling the same way... somewhat sad and lonely but also happy because I know he is okay and he wants me to be okay too. Easier said then done often, but it is possible. We must just put our broken hearts and wings back together as well as we can and carry on. We have no choice!And helping others is truly the best way .  Best wishes, Mary

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What a lovely post.

My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

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Awesome!  And so very true.  Thanks for sharing.  smile

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