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I've been loosely following a young woman's blog who states she was diagnosed with non-resectable intrahapetic CC two years ago and through chemo, supplements, strict strict diet and Vitamin C infusions, she no longer has any signs of cancer.  It's under The Cancer Assassin and she's from Portland Oregon.  I was hoping Eli, Percy, and all others, if they had time might take a look at her story and comment.  My main question is, is it possible she was misdiagnosed?  Or even better is it possible her liver mets were that bad and her lifestyle change truly cured her?  (I don't want to bring this up to my son until I've received the opinions of those of you who have been in this arena much longer than myself. )

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I think it's unlikely she got misdiagnosed. She had CT scan, PET scan and liver biopsy. All positive for cancer. She also had DNA testing done that was 96% positive for bile duct cancer. And that's just in the first few weeks of her journey.

She had over 40 chemo treatments. I don't think anyone can tell what really helped her. Was it chemo alone? Supplements + diet + Vitamin C infusions? The combination of chemo and alternative treatments?

It can also be an extremely rare case of spontaneous cancer remission:

Please note: I read just a handful of her blog posts. I don't know her entire story. It's quite possible that I missed some very important details.

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Dear Notdoneyet, I can tell you first hand that the Vitamin C IV is usually from a NaturalPathic office. My daughters boyfriend was DX with Lymphoma and he spent 50,000 on these treatments. He also had chemo. He went in to remission but it came back afer 2 years. My stance on this kind of stuff is, if it was proven to be what they say it is, more Doctors would use it. They don't. I myself prefer the scientific approach and would feel I was wasting precious time with Vitamin C. What ever you decide please talk to your son's ONC first.


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Thank you for the opinions.  I don't mean to be skeptical but.....really Vit C?  I have had a few people suggest these infusuions to us but if cancer were that easy to cure we wouldn't need this forum.  I do believe great nutrition and exercise are invaluable in helping your body combat and heal but not without the tried and true chemo, etc..  Her blog just caught my interest when she said her liver hurts but the cancer is gone.  I didn't know if it really was possible to have the response she has had without surgery.  I'm very very happy for her that her hard work and attention has paid off.   I hope she enjoys great health for the rest of her life!  Again, thanks for the link and the responses.

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Mayo Clinic tested high oral doses of Vitamin C in patients with advanced cancers. The patients were randomized to receive 10g of Vitamin C or placebo. The studies didn't show any benefits of oral Vitamin C.

Vitamin C infusions are a different matter. Definitive evidence for or against is lacking.

This medical paper out of Japan examines the current state of knowledge about Vitamin C infusions:

High-dose Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Therapy in the Treatment of Patients with Advanced Cancer

They say that high concentrations of Vitamin C can kill cancer cells in a petri dish. This has been proven in a couple of studies. Verified human evidence does not exist.

The paper mentioned three US clinical trials:

One is completed, one is ongoing, one is unknown. Trial results are not available.

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There have been numerous reports on Vitamin C and liver disease.  This is an excert from PubMed: … 42/?page=1
Nutritionists and Naturopaths place much emphasize on higher doses of Vitamin C when combating anything affecting the liver adversely.  But as mentioned there is no clinical evidence supporting this claim. I for one asked to have Vitamin C increased while my husband was on TPN.  To this date we don't know whether it actually helped him live longer, but then I was willing to take the chance knowing the eventual outcome of his cancer. 


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In the late 1970's my mother-in-law developed fulminant hepatitis. (inflammation of the liver without a known cause).

She was treated by a physician at Duke I believe, who gave her high dose Vitamin C therapy which resolved her hepatitis.

Unfortunately, she developed CC in 2010 and passed away 4 months after diagnosis.

She always thought that an incident where she was accidently sprayed with DDT was the catalyst for the development of this cancer.  If so, maybe the DDT caused the hepatitis, which in turn caused a long standing irritation or inflammation to the bile ducts.  I'm not sure, but it is interesting that in her case, intravenous Vit. C least for 30 odd years or so.
I remember her telling me this and thinking wow, what an interesting treatment!

This information is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  If you have questions or concerns, please consult your physician or health care provider.

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I've read that blog and I think it's great she did so well on chemo and had such good results.
If you read her blog, you'll see she just got Y90, so I don't think she is actually cancer free because why would she be getting Y90 if no cancer.

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Hi Vitamin Ceers, My daughter's ex BF has Lymphoma and he went to a naturalpathic person and had IV's of Vitamin C for a year among other things like going totally Organic to the tune of $50K.  He was in remission when he went to her and about 1 1/2 years later the Lymphoma returned. My thought is, if it is too good to be true it probably is not. Wouldn't everyone be cured of Cancer if it was so simple?  How I wish it was true. Nothing has ever been proven about Supplements. But if it makes a patient feel good about it, by6 all means the choice is yours as long as you consult with your ONC.