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Hello AGAIN! This has become quite the crutch we have to lean on! Lee and I have sooooo many questions...we feel like we are back in kindergarten learning for the first time...but I guess we are...learning to live, fight and survive with cc...who'd a thunk it?! Any-who...Lee wanted me to ask if anyone has or had ulcerative colitis before they  were diagnosed with cc or know of anyone who has it....Lee has suffered with if for over 12 years and it just may be the cause of this cancer...we are just curious...thank you all for your support, encourgement, responses and amazes me how soothing and wonderful they all are!


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heatherkp wrote:

Lee wanted me to ask if anyone has or had ulcerative colitis before they  were diagnosed with cc

I do, and if you search the archives for "colitis" you'll see lots of other people who do, too.  A main risk factor for CCa is primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), and the majority of people with PSC have underlying ulcerative colitis (UC) or Crohn's disease.  I was diagnosed with UC in 1985, PSC in 1997, and CCa in 2007.  Textbook case.


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Hi Heather!
My husband has has Crohn's disease since 1996.  His doctors don't seem to think him having Crohn's has anything to do with his CC, but it makes me wonder the more research I find linking the two.

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Hello......when my husband was diagnosed with CC December 2006 I researched the heck out of this disease and over and over again there was that precursor ULCERATIVE COLITIS. As an individual who was never ill, robust in nature and health, he developed UC in 2000 due to "stress" or whatever causes that annoying condition.  Then....WHAM! 4 years or so later he began developing the symptoms of CC!  Had the original doctor said keep an eye out for PSC or CC he may have been eligible for much for successful/preventive care.  I believe everyone who has UC should be in the know that they could potentially develope CC.

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On the relationship between ulcerative colitis and cca.
    I had my colon removed because of colitis in l986. In retrospect, I wish my doctor or anyone, really, had made me aware that colitis, though gone with the surgery and followup chemo (six treatments),  would cause all sorts of problems down the line.
    I've had kidney problems, dehydration episodes, bladder ca, gall bladder
removal, sclerosing cholangitis (2003), and now as of March 11, 2008, the
dreaded  cca diagnosis. There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that the original ulcerative colitis caused it all. How or why? If I knew that I guess I'd be collecting the Pulitzer Prize for medicine.
    But my advice to anyone with ulcerative colitis is to get yearly proctology exams. And keep an eye out for bad things if you ever have colon ca and colon removal.