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Mom has been on Oxiliplatin and F5u for 8 cycles. For a woman of 79, the onc says we should be thrilled.  They want to do a scan next week and decide what to do next.  The effects of the chemo are setting in and the onc feels its time to stop the Oxiliplatin.   

What is the average number of cycles most people stay on Oxiliplatin?


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Hi Lauren and God Bless your Mom! I can't answer your question except to state that once chemo or radiation is stopped I does keep working for little bit. I know some brilliant person on here will be able to answer your question!


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Hi Lauren,
Wow, is your Mom one tough cookie for going through eight cycles of that!! My daughter's oncologist said that most people, if they are going to have a reaction to Oxaliplatin, will have it the 6th or 7th treatment. Lauren had an allergic reaction to it on her 6th time. I think her doctor was going to try for eight treatments, but she didn't make it to that. I am not sure of the average number. Maybe Percy has the answer to that. I am hoping for great scans for your Mom and maybe the doctor has another chemo in mind. Take care.
Love, -Pam

My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

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Sorry, I do not know the answer, in general ,if you can tolerate the drug and it works on the cancer, you can continue to take it until otherwise.
The problem is that the accumulative toxicity like peripheral neuropathy sooner or later will force patients to stop treatment .And the toxicity will last much longer than you expected depending on the total  accumulated dose.( due to the long term retention period of the platinum drug is between 8-75 month; oxaliplatin has three t1/2 life [half life] at 0.26 hr,16.3 hour and 273 hr.)
Therefore the toxicity may show up within the first 1-2 hour of each infusion, as acute peripheral neuropathy which can be resolved within hours of onset;(about 38 %  of pts);or the delayed type will show up in>14 days and the symptoms will be persistent (about 48% pt who are on 5FU+oxaliplatin)
Other patients cannot continue oxaliplatin included those whose will develope low platelets----bleeding concern( 64-71%) and white blood cell count---eg.infection concern(73-81% in study done for colon cancer on long term treatment.)
God bless.

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Thanks for the replies.  It makes me feel good to hear that eight cycles is a lot!  Her platlets are getting low, but still high enough to receive treatment.  She definitely is tired and weakened from the treatment.  I think that's when we need to re-visit the benefits versus the risks of chemo.

Hoping for good news next Friday...