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Topic: Update and Hello to All!

Hi Everyone,

I'm back for my pop in every once in a while to say hello to everyone post smile  Still here daily and happy to be reading a fair bit of positive news. 

My family is all doing relatively well.  Christmas is of course one of those times of the year when emotions run high, and we are all certainly feeling those emotions a fair bit lately and missing Dad like crazy, but I know he's around.  It just takes hearing Bing Crosby sing a Christmas carol to know he's with us.  Besides, someone's gotta watch out for me and this 12 week old baby building a house in my body smile  Yep - pregnant.  Another baby to bless our family.  Dad would be so excited... his Grandchildren were his everything.  My daughter is looking forward to having a sibling (a brother named Bruce, according to her - ha)!  As always I'd love to share photos of my Shirley Temple-looking little girl, but I've never been able to successfully post anything from facebook so anyone who wants to add me, feel free smile

I wish everyone person on this site a very Merry Christmas, and all the very best in the year to come.  I think and pray for you all often, and hope you feel love surround you, especially this time of the year smile


Re: Update and Hello to All!

Wonderful news! And maybe your daughter knows something you don't! Happy news for Christmas!

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Re: Update and Hello to All!

Oh, My, Jennifer, so good to hear from you and CONGRATULAITONS on your pregnancy. Teddy got a new Great Grandson 10 months ago and I swear so much about this baby is him. In fact Jarett was 5 days late and I said that's cause Papa is still holding him and won't let him go! So now among my other crazy beliefs I bet your Dad will hold the baby before sending him/her on it's way! I am so happy for you and your family and sending you the best wishes ever for a wonderful Holiday
and a Healthy New Year!

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Re: Update and Hello to All!

Hi Jen,

It's great to hear from you. I am so happy to hear you are expecting!! How wonderful. I can imagine this time of year is very hard for you missing your Dad. Have a great holiday season and I know your Dad will be watching all the festivities. All the best to you and your family.

Much love,

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Re: Update and Hello to All!

Hi Jen,

Great to see you round here again! smile  And what great news you have to share as well! Congratulations on your pregnancy! And if I may...Bruce. What a fine upstanding Scottish name that is indeed! Robert the..... smile

Yes Christmas and all that brings with emotions etc. I am with you on that one. But as you say, your dad is around you and I know that he would be so very happy indeed at the latest upcoming addition to your family! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas as well!

I posted some stuff here in the Members Forum about how to post pics here from facebook that seemed to work for me. Have a look for it and see if it works for you. And if you want to add me on FB my name is Gavin Strachan.



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Re: Update and Hello to All!

Jen...I would like to echo everything mentioned above.  Thank you so much for staying in touch and sharing the great news with us.  Congratulations.  Stay well, know that you are in our hearts and that your Dad's legacy will never end.