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Hi Everyone, and thanks for providing a place to learn more and share information and hope.

My sister was diagnosed in November 2012 and will start chemo next week in Chicago at the cancer treatment center. We are from Central PA.

She has been getting stents put in for over two years now at our local hospital, every few months, to hold open her bile ducts.  They did cytology brushings each time and we were told they were fine.  In August after yet another replacement, CT scan and brushing, they had "suspicions", so scheduled her to have partial liver removal in November, and possible gallbladder removal.

When they got in there, gallbladder was gangrenous, lymph nodes were positive for cancer, and there was no way to resect liver.  They removed the gallblader, took biopsies, and stitched her back up.

We are horrified to know that she is already so far down the path when she has been going through tests so regularly.

She is 48.

I'm hoping to learn more about what to expect and what I can do to help her at this point.


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This is really upsetting. Others will weigh in,  but I'd suggest that you contact Dr. Yuman Fong of Sloan (he did my husband's surgery and does difficult surgeries) and Dr. Kato of Columbia Pres (he attempts surgeries no one else will do) just to make sure surgery isn't still a possibility. Let me know if you need more info. And I'm praying for your sister and her family.

God Bless and keep you.


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Dear Joyfulnoise, welcome to our remarkable family but sorry you had to find us. I am so very sorry about your sister and I whole heartedly agree with Audrey! The most important thing you can do is to see that your sister goes to TOP Treatment Centers where they have treated a lot of CC. Something does not ring right here as to me if the Gallbladder reached a state of gangrene something should have shown in the 2 years. While CC can be hard to detect at times, with all that is wrong they should have found something. Cancer Treatment Centers, while they may be good for other Cancers, may not have treated many with CC. Audrey gave you some excellent suggestions you may want to think about. I am wishing for the best for your Sister and please keep us posted as we truly care.


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you!  My sister was treated at Hershey Medical Center,  but is now seeking help from The Cancer Treatment Center In Chicago,  after the result of her surgery in Hershey.  I will talk t o her and share your good advice.

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Dear Joyful Noise,
I live in Ohio and go to the Cleveland Clinic. I have been very pleased with my doctors and treatment. I know this is a very scary time so call me with any questions or if you just want to talk, scream, cry or pick my brain.
Hugs, Lisa

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