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i just wanted to let you all know im hanging in there,baby steps,one day at a time.i would like to tell you a little story about the day george passed.

I was sitting outside while georges aide was tending to him,it was 11:55 i looked up and there was an eagle flying around our that moment,david came and told me to get in here,so i went to george,and spent the last five minutes,about 30 minutes later,as Barney and tressa( Social workers) were outside with me,two eagles were flying around above our house,George Loves eagles,our house is full of them.anyway,george and i often wondered why the eagles have;nt been back in a couple years.An then,last thursday,i bought a closeline,and when i was putting it up,there,right above me flying so low i could see the eagles yellow beak.I know my george is with me on the wings of an eagle....thanks for reading...Love you all Love and hugs  Lynn

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Lynn, what a beautiful story and many thanks for checking in with us. If you can start a log of your stories and keep them in your computer, when you feel lonely just read the log and you will know George is all around you! You know me, I LOVE these stories! Good to see you Lynn.

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Re: good morning family

Lynn,  Thanks for sharing those beautiful experiences with us.  Yes, George is still with you, only in a different way.  Take comfort in that.

Love & Hugs,

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