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I've posted on this extremely helpful and supportive discussion board before for advice regarding my 58 year old friend who was diagnosed with a klatskin tumor approximately 4 x 5 cm in April 2012.

He was deemed unresctable, and turned down for LT. Starting Aug, he was undergoing a low dose chemo at Moffitt cancer center in Tampa (gemzar 600 - 800 mg). In the meantime they were in touch with other centers, and also Dr. Sonnenday (thanks to folks on the board for introducing us to him).

He had a follow up CT on Oct 15, and while the doctors at Moffitt cancer center deemed no change and wanted to continue chemo, the doctors at MD Anderson in Orlando indicated that they had seen the good side of his liver - the left side - had grown to the size of the tumor afflicted right side. They felt they would be able to resect the right side, and reconnect the left side to the small intestine. Dr. Sonnenday independently seconded the opinion of the doctors at MD Anderson.

The good news is that everything went as planned. My friend had a successful ten hour surgery this month (they also removed his gall bladder because of gall stones), and is now back home recovering well, stent free and bile drain free. He only has one drain in the stomach for now.

Of course, it's fingers crossed going forward but at least he's in partial remission for now. I wanted to share this good news with the wonderful people on this forum. One never knows when there can be something around the corner. I guess we've to just stay hopeful and try what we can, in terms of second and third opinions, reading up on treatments, asking questions and staying healthy.

A very happy new year to all of you.

Warm regards

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Dear Venkat, this is indeed a wonderful way to start the new year! Thank you for the great update and wishing you both a most Happy and Much Healthier New Year!


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In part,at least for myself who volunteer on this board as a moderator,this is what we work and hope for, a better outcome for this disease in  the mist of seemingly going no where. This is the reward for all of us as 2012  is coming to an end.
Again, thanks for this good news,it lights up my day and renew my desire to do more.
God bless all of you in the coming new year of 2013.

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Great news and thank you for sharing. 

Happy New Year and may 2013 bring more good news and health for everyone.


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Hi Venkat,

This is great news about your friend! Thanks for sharing it and what a great way for you all to start the new year! I so hope that the good news continues to roll for your friend and my fingers are crossed! Happy New Year to you and your friend as well!

Best wishes,


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Dear venkat,

I am so happy to hear of your friend's successful surgery. Dr. Sonnenday is my daughter's liver surgeon when she is able to have surgery. I am so happy he was able to help. I cannot say enough great things about that dear man. He definitely has dedicated his life to helping others. Please keep us updated on your friend's progress. All the best to both of you.

Love, -Pam

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Dear Venkat,
Thank you for sharing such wonderful news, congrats to you and your friend. The doctor that found my tumor is Dr. Arjun Venkat, any relationship?

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What terrific news...thank you so much for sharing....a great way to start the New Year here....sending thoughts and prayers that your friend enjoys a speedy recovery and you will be telling us the good news for many years to come!