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My mom passed away on June 26 after a short but complcated fight with cholangiocarcinoma.

We were able to bring her to the Hospice Inn, a subdivision of the Hospice Care Network here on Long Island. Short of her being at home, this was the absolute best place we could have been. The people were amazing, and my family was made to feel comfortable. It was definately the kind of care that my mom deserved.

If you live on Long Island or Queens and think you will need this type of service for yourself or someone you're helping to care for, I strongly urge you to look into this facility. Their web site is:

Re: Hospice Care Network - NY

My sister was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in November of 2005.  She is in Hospice care in Nashville, TN. She is expected to live a few more hours.  It was a short and brutal battle.