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all i do is stare at pictures of my george,i make memorials for him,i cant stop crying.even when our grandsons are here,i have to go in the bedroom and let it out.i miss so much watching george make devin run and laugh,and withe them here,it just hurts,i love them so much,i miss watching george get them their breakfast in the mornings,i miss him so much it hurts to breath.sorry,for the rant,im just so lost...

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Lynn, sorry to hear how bad you are feeling. You know, when I am with the Grandkids I hurt for them. They loved their Papa so much and I can see how much they are still hurting. They don't bring him up but love when I tell one of the old stories and after they laugh they get teary eyed. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to take little moves forward we just cannot do it without a little help from our Doctor or clergy. I just keep reminding myself that Teddy would want me to be happy because he is happy. Please don't be afraid to seek someone or soething to help you out. Sending you a ton of hugs.


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I am sorry you are hurting so much, Lynn. I am hoping today has been better and every day after that is better than the one before it.


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I am sorry you are in so much pain, but do understand and know how you are feeling.  Hope things are a little better today.  Know that I am thinking of you.   Rant whenever and however much you need to.  We all care and truely do understand.

Thinking of you.

Love & Hugs,

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Massive hugs, dear Lynn

Julia xx

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