Topic: Infection won't go away and leaking bile?

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I introduced myself as daughter of 70 year old mother diagnosed with CC in February after they went in to do a bile reconstrucion surgery. Of course they did not do that procedure, they resected a portion of liver but when they saw extent of tumor growth they closed her up. No treatment yet as she was in hospital for a month, got an infection so they sent her home without treatment until this infection cleared up and she gained some strength back.

Well the infection is still here and she has for the last few weeks been leaking bile. It has been draining out of the drains in her stomach and they did a CT scan that showed there is a leak but they cannot see the source. Is this normal? How good is it to have bile pooling inside? They contacted the surgeion who said nothing could be done and that is what they are doing, nothing. Another round of antibiotics and that is it. My worry is we are to go back to Cancer Clinic in late April and start treatment and that they will not start chemo with this infection still there. Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Infection won't go away and leaking bile?

Hi Michelle!
When my husband's billiary drains leak bile, we go to interventional radiology and they inject dye into the drains and watch through xray/ct to see if the dye moves through the drains or if they are clogged.  His gastro/liver doc use to set this up for us, but now we are such frequent flyers to interventional radiology that we call them directly.  My husband has been on antibiotics since October for many different types of infections and has been able to have chemo treatments.  My suggestion would be to contact your mothers gastro doc if she has one and see what he reccomends about the drain leaking. Hope this helps.

Re: Infection won't go away and leaking bile?

Leaking bile was uncomfortable for me and I complained mightily about it. I had xrays, ct scan and finally back to the xray guided surgery room where they put the silly drain in originally. I had injections and drank different fluids in each place to see what was going on. They should be able to do something. If you cant tell, I had a very love/HATE relationship with my drain. See if you can get another opinion.


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