Topic: Has anyone tried Kudzu Root for diarrhea?

I attended a nutrition class at the Wellness House, a nonprofit in the Chicago suburbs that provides support services for cancer patients and their families.  The nutritionist strongly recommended a mixture of Kudzu root (which she says is available at Whole Foods) and apple juice, along with cinnamon, vanilla and ginger for flavoring, for chemo-related diarrhea.  She claims that some patients have found it more effective than medication.  Before I coerce my poor husband into drinking this concoction, I wondered whether anyone else has had any experience with it.

Re: Has anyone tried Kudzu Root for diarrhea?

Hi Linda,

I would talk to your doctor before giving anything to your husband. You would want to make sure it was safe before putting it in your husband's fragile body. I don't get a good feeling since apple juice makes you go to the bathroom. I'm not much for weird concoctions, probably because Lauren's oncologist isn't either. This is just my opinion, so take it for what it is worth. Try more binding food such as bananas and rice. Also, my daughter had diarrhea once and I was told by a member on this site to get her Balneol for a sore behind. It works wonders. All the best to you and your husband.


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Re: Has anyone tried Kudzu Root for diarrhea?


I know Chinese herbal medications a little bit; but I don't know much about Kudzu root; If you want to go the natural route for diarrhea; Huang Qin tan soup in Chinese herbal soup/medication may be of benefit to "calm the stomach". the formula have been used for thousands years in far east countries.
You can find the discussion under Complimentary and alternative medicine  on  this  message board..
For Diarrhea treatment in the western medicine culture;, Bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol), Lomotil, Imodium, and Octreotide(off label use) are among the choices.
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Re: Has anyone tried Kudzu Root for diarrhea?

I may be old-fashioned but, maybe try the tried-and-true BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). Especially white rice ..... fixes it every time.

Re: Has anyone tried Kudzu Root for diarrhea?

I have two chemo treatments.  First one is oxaliplatin and the second is 5-FU.  Oxaliplatin causes neuropathy in the feet, hands, and breathing in cold your extremeties feels like you have needles/knives going through them and breathing in the cold makes your lungs feels this way.  My doctor has told me to bundle up and to only breath in warn air so I use my scarf to cover my mouth and it works.  Both of them causes diarrhea, I use a generic brand of Imodium and it has the same ingredients as the brand name and it works most of the time.  I still need to watch what I eat and be home when I eat them.  Somethings I miss eating and if I chose to eat something that I know will go through me I make sure I'm at home.  The 5-FU causes my fingers and feet to dry out badly to where my fingers will crack open and bleed.  It is like getting a lot of paper cuts.  My doctor told me to use Utter Cream during the day and at night to cover my hands and feet in vaseline and put gloves and socks on.  Both cause nausea and did have 6 prescription drugs for that and I'm now down to 3.  I got my shot of Neulasta today and I get severe bone pain with it and so I'm coping as best as I can right now.  I hope I'm able to help out others who are struggling to find things that work for them.  God be with you and take care of yourself.

Re: Has anyone tried Kudzu Root for diarrhea?

Dear Faith. go to the Search engine at the top of this page and type in Kudzu, there is a discussion thread on it. Gee, I feel so bad for you going through all this stuff sure hope you can find some relief. Best of luck.

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Re: Has anyone tried Kudzu Root for diarrhea?

Faith...I wish for continued success with the treatments.  And thank you so very much for sharing your personal experiences and remedies to counteract the significant side effects you are dealing with.
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