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Topic: A National Survey of Kampo(Japanese Herbal Medicine Practice),@2012

Hi, everyone
The link below is an evidence-based CAM research article done by Japan.
interest section include Figure 1 description about the practice of prescribed Kampo by physicians for cancer patient. Figure 2 how physicians think about Kampo's effectiveness and its harmfulness in treating the patients they prescribed.


PS> all Japan physicians can prescribe Kampo (herbal medications in formulas-fixed combinations) for more info about Kampo, check out" Kampo list" on wikipedia.
for starter, check out whether" shi quan da bu tan" (Juzen-daiho-to),十全大補soup, one of the most prescribed Kampo formula herbal ( now in granule form ) is of use to you.

http://pubmedcentralcanada.ca/articlere … PMC1513143


I ,myself ,have been using this  in granule form (5gm dissolve in  4 oz of hot tea or water and drink it once or twice daily when needed(not scheduled), the taste is not bad.) It helps when I have lightheaded problems  and fatigue.( caused by anemia ). Of notice ,if you are HER positive,or have hormonal related disease such as breast cancer,menopause,etc. you should not use this formulation. side effect: if you take too much ,you will feel nervous And unsettle ,and increase in heart rate primary due to the  ingredient of gingsing .
It should not cost a lot.( ie: 200gm/bottle is about 25-30 US dollars.)

God bless.

Please know that my personal opinion is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If  provided, information are for educational purposes.Consult doctor is a MUST for changing of treatment plans.