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Hi Everyone,

My mom (45 years old) was diagnosed with Intrahepatic CC - she is not able to undergo surgery because of her tumor which is 6x9cm, spots on the liver, as well as lymph node involvement. They have put her on Gemcitibane/Cisplatin and this is her 3rd cycle (she is due for a CT scan on the 15th of March).

My question is whether or not pain on/near the location of the liver is common while on chemotherapy? My mom has been fine for the most part with a little discomfort on that part of her body but yesterday after consuming a cheese biscuit she said that she developed more pain in that area. This apparently happened a few days ago after she consumed coffee. I am very worried for her and am hoping this is not a result of the tumor growing, does anyone have any information on this?

Also, god forbid the chemotherapy is not working to stabilize/decrease the size of the tumour does anyone have any recommendations/success with other chemotherapies with the same type of tumour location?

Any advice will help. I am the only one in the family that is aware of the extent of her illness and I like to prepare myself for good as well as bad news in advance so that I can focus on my mom's response - the more information the better.


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Hi Milenzz,

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I see that no has replied here to your question and I wonder if it is because of where you have placed it.

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I don't have any answers to your questions but I am sure someone will.


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