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Hi my name is Jay.  My dad has just been diagnosed with a Klatskin Tumor.  At Scott and White in Temple, TX he was operated on and none of the tumor was removed.  We wanted to go to MD Anderson in Houston so we left Scott & White while waiting on an answer from Anderson.  They will not take him and Scott & White is not returning our calls.  We called New York and Boston and they will not take him.  We need any info we can find he is getting weaker by the day.

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Re: Klatskin Tumor

Jay,   This is a tough diagnosis and it sounds like your Dad has had a dificult time of it.   You don't say why they were not able to remove any of the tumor when they tried to operate.   There are very few surgeons who will do a klatskins resection when there are complications like the Portal vein or main artery.  A few are successful with this however.
Some of us here have had successful Klatskins surgery at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington Mass, just outside Boston.  If you haven't already it would be worth contacting their Billiary Unit and Dr. Roger Jenkins.  (781) 744-2500.
For some additional info here look for my history post under 'experiences',  the recent posts by Marions, and search on 'klatskin'.
Our best wishes and prayers to your Dad and your family.