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Topic: Engineers4cancer

Mira Bhandari, age 10, a (very gifted) fifth grader at Frank V. Bergman Elementary School, Manhattan, KS has set up a website to help cancer patients:


She is the daughter and only child of my dear friend, Prof. Alok Bhandari & his surviving spouse Nidhi. Alok passed away on Jan 30, 2013 after battling CC for 2 years.

When she grows up, Mira plans to be an engineer just like her papa, whom she loves and misses so much, was.



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I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend to this. How beautiful that his daughter has honored her daddy in this way. Willow


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What a wonderful site and wonderful daughter!  So inspiring for someone so young to turn such a terrible event in her life into outreach to others.  Bravo!


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