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As I said in the intro section.  My 86 yr. old father has been diagonsed with CC.  He has a 4 inch tumor in his bile ducts that is blocking some ducts, but not all.  He had an ERCP, but the dr. found that some ducts were draining on their own, & did not insert stents.  He has had a follow up with his family dr. on 3/24.  He said when he first saw my father on 3/13 his jaundice was around 13, on the 24th, he said it would be more of a 6.  Is there a scale for this?  He does look better.  He spent 6 days in the hospital & is home now.  He was weak & using a walker for the first few days & then for about 9 days, he had been walking fine & regaining his strength.  The last couple of days, he is weak again & having symptoms of a urinary track infection, or possibly an enlarged prostate.  Also, constipation.  We are encouraging him to eat, but he says things just don't taste.  He is eating small amounts & whe he went to the family dr. he weighed the same as when he went into the hospital, so he didn't loose any in there.  I try to get him to drink plenty of water, but he doesn't.  He does like the flavored waters I've been getting him.  He is drinking juices & popsicles.  My dad was never really a "sweets" person & now, he wants sweets all day long.  He's eating candy, baked goods, etc.  My next concern is his blood sugar level.  He has not been in any pain or had to take any pain meds since the first day in the hospital, so that was 3/14.  I think that's good that he hasn't needed any.  I do have a ? about the spreading of this disease.  The GI specialist told us it wouldn't spread, that it would just grow in his liver, making him more uncomfortable with eating & he would gradually stop eating.  Tomorrow he sees a GI specialist that is in the same practice as the one at the hospital.  I'm wondering if this is really a "2nd opinion", as it is in the same practice.  We don't see an oncologist until 4/15.  My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1995, but at the time, the urologist told him it was so slow growing, to basically not worry about it.  In the CT scan before he went into the hospital it said his prostate gland had "dystrophic calcifications".  Is that cancer?  I'm sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give a little update & also ask anyone here what ?? I should be asking the dr. tomorrow.  My dad wants to ask about an appetite stimulating drug.   Thanks!


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Hey Michelle! From my understanding of a scale as to how much billirubin is in your system...our doc told us normal is considered a 1...when Lee went into  the ER he was at a 7 and by the time they put in the titanium stents, even with a drain he was at an 11...after a week with the placement of the stents he went down to a 5...we have not had any tests done in about 3 weeks but he has absolutely no for the sweets...Lee was exactly the same way....he would not eat a single thing...that is to say unless it was crammed with the hospital he would bypass all "good" stuff and eat the cookies, pies, puddings, ice creams, milkshakes, jollyranchers, popsicles and cakes! He said he enjoyed them the most!  They did however monitor his blood he can't eat alot so sugary stuff cuz he says it's toooooo sweet...which I guess is good, cuz I can't check his blood here at home....Our oncologists also told us that Lee's tumor was slow moving...we are heading to Rochester in a week for more tests as our 3rd opinion...I am not a doc by any please forgive me if I sound like a complete dork...but calcifications sounds to me like a build up of little calcium rocks....again..I only teach 2nd I am just tryin' to help ya all will be in Lee's and my prayers...take care!