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My dads latest scans show that his lymph nodes are almost all completely normal.  They have decided to stop his traditional chemo and he will meet with a radiologist next Friday.  They are going to do the chemo embolization!!!  This is VERY exciting and hopefully will help with his fatigue.  He is excited about the prospect of being able to plant this spring and so are we.

Anything that helps him feel better and possible shrink this tumor we are excited about!!

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Tammy, you made my day! One of my BIG YIPPEES goes out to your Dad! Let the planting begin. Spring and new beginnings!


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Great news Tammy!!  Thank you for posting.


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We love hearing great news around here!! I am so happy for your Dad!!! I am wishing for all the best with radiation and getting outside to plant. Keep us posted on his progress.

Love and hugs,

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Hi Tammy,

Yay, great news!!! Superb stuff and thanks for sharing with us all! Hope that your dad gets more good news from his meeting next Friday and let us know how it goes. Feeling better and shrinkage sure is something to get excited about, very excited in fact!!



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