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My husband just completed the first 8 weeks on a clinical trial at the Lineberger Cancer Hospital at UNC Chapel Hill.  He had a scan Friday morning- and the tumors had shrunk!!
The trial is a Phase 1 trial treating gastro tumors with a combination of FOLOX6 , infused every 2 weeks, plus a daily oral dose of BKM120, which is a PI3K  inhibitor.  They are recruiting.  The main doctor is Dr Autumn McCree.  We were referred there by Duke. You can find more info on the clinical site.
Just for background--- my husband was diagnosed with intrahepatic Cc in April 2011.  He had a resection and removed his entire right; he has also had Gem/CIS , radiation plus Xeloda, and bland embollizations. We are thrilled with the trial results so far!

Re: A Clinical Trial is Working!!

Dear Susan,

This is such wonderful news!! Shrinkage is one of our favorite words!!! It is so promising when new trials work. I wish for the great news to continue and hopefully one day CC will be a cancer of the past.


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Re: A Clinical Trial is Working!!

YEA, Susan and a BIG YIPPEE for you and your husband! Boy oh boy you made my day! I hope the good news continues and another big YIPPEE for the road! We aere elated.


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Bravo!  That is great news about the tumor shrinkage!
Thank you for sharing and I am hoping for continued good news for you and your hubby.


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Re: A Clinical Trial is Working!!

Hi Susan,

This is great news about your husband, thanks for sharing!! I never get tired of hearing the word shrinkage! Hoping that the shrinkage continues and my fingers are crossed for that. And thanks as well for sharing this info about the trial your husband is on.



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Re: A Clinical Trial is Working!!

Hi Susan,
Thanks for this info. Is this the clinical trial your husband is doing? I"m a little confused b/c it doesn't list "liver" or "bile duct" as part of the list of acceptable areas where the cancer is. I'd love to know b/c my sister is not responding to any of the standard chemos and we are looking for a clinical trial. Thanks!

Protocol Summary
Protocol No.    LCCC1036    Principal Investigator    McRee, Autumn
Phase    Phase I
Age Group    Adult    Scope    Local
Title    A Phase I Study of BKM120 with mFOLFOX6 in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors with Expansion Cohorts in KRAS Wild Type Metastatic Colorectal and Metastatic Pancreatic Cancers
Applicable Disease Sites    Bladder
Breast - Female
Cervix Uteri
Corpus Uteri
Eye and Orbit
Lip, Oral Cavity and Pharynx
Small Intestine
Status    Open
Participating Institutions    UNC-CH
Eligibility Document    LCCC 1036 Eligibility Criteria Protocol Amendment 1 dated 031912.pdf