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Hi all I took my dad last Thursday to the hospital he was jaundice itching and barely walking and so weak the bile duct is not obstructed as we thought its the cancer that has metastasis to the left lobe, he had a resection 2 years a go all the right lobe removed but the surgeon couldn't have clear margins in brief , when I took him to the hospital I tought it was the end coz he was so weak and couldn't even walk but after 3 days of hospital he is now waking in the walkway of the hospital and having power again they gave him vitamins by iv and magnesium and calcium the make him stronger he is eating again now thanks god they started the folfox yesterday coz the onc saw him better they infused the oxaliplatin and folinic acid for 2 hours then the 5fu for 40 hours infusion by iv I saw him today he isn't having any side effect all seems to be going smoothly he still have till tomorrow 2 pm till the 5fu is done then he will have the same regimen in 17 days I would Like to ask you if someone has tried this regimen and what is the response? How long do we need. To wait to know if the chemo is shrinking the tumors can we do a blood test after the first cycle is done directly to know if the chemo is working??

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Sorry,I don't know about the answer.My guess is after finishing 2 or 3 cycles of treatments.(2-3x17days). For blood test,you need to see a trend of monthly results rather than  a single test score (ie: in CA19-9).
Below is a link about the response rate and overall survival stats if you want to know. … jhtml?id=2

God bless.

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Re: My dad is in the hospital having folfox

Dear Mark, just want to say I am thrilled that Dad is doing better. What a roller  coaster, yes? Wishing for his continued progress and Mark, stay strong.


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for letting us know about your dad. Sorry to hear that he was in the hospital and for all that he is going through at the moment, and I am very happy to hear that he is doing better now. Fingers are crossed that your dads recovery continues and that his strength also continues to increase. I can't help I'm afraid with your chemo questions, but I wish your dad every success with his recovery and please keep us updated on how he is doing.

My best wishes to you and your dad,


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Re: My dad is in the hospital having folfox

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