Topic: Folfox seem to be working on my dad

Hi all my dad is going to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow morning he had folfox his bilirubin was 3.9 after his 1st cycle it dropped down to 2.5 he is less jaundice and looking better this is a wonderful news for us I'm so happy and keep going strong till the 2nd cycle the 28th march the onc is optimistic with the result and he thinks that its a good sign

Re: Folfox seem to be working on my dad

Hi Mark,

This is great news indeed about your dad!! Superb stuff and thanks for sharing it here. Hoping that his bili continues to drop with the 2nd cycle of folfox and that he continues to feel better as well. And I know that getting home will help make him feel so much better as well! Nothing like home after all!

My best wishes to you and your dad,


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Re: Folfox seem to be working on my dad

Dear Mark, yes, yes, yes. It is so wonderful to hear some great news about your Dad. I am wishing for it to get even better. Gavin is soooo right. Just going home helps with everything. Hope this upward success is just the beginning!


Re: Folfox seem to be working on my dad

Thank a lot smile) hope that everyone here to feel better and keep moving and be strong