Topic: Increasing alkaline phosphatase (ALP)

Hello all.  My husband has had eight rounds of FOLFIRINOX (FU-5/irinotecan/ oxaliplatin) and three additional rounds of FU-5/irinotecan.  His most recent CT scan on February 22 showed that his tumors were stable.  My concern is that his ALP level has been rising for the last couple of months.  It was around 130-135 through the end of January.  However, the last four readings have been 156, 185, 216, and 235 so it is now more than twice the normal level.  His AST is a bit high (55) but ALT and bilirubin are normal.  His tumor markers have always been in the normal range.  He is feeling well and has no pain.  The oncologist says the rise in ALP could be a chemo side effect or an indication of tumor progression but we really won't know until the next scan which will be in three or four weeks.  Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: Increasing alkaline phosphatase (ALP)

My alk phos went up while on chemo and went to the highest level during radiation.  All my scans were cancer free during this time.  But, I, like you was very concerned.

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