Topic: my thought,kinda cute

today is the second time this has happened since george passed,the first time in early january.

now,lynn dont like popcorn,never did,never even liked the smell of it,my George loved it,well george must be craving it today ,again,like he did in january because i was craving it and ate a bag..when i was done i giggled and asked george if his craving was satisfied...God i Love that man...

Re: my thought,kinda cute

Lynn, I do remember that story! Isn't it wonderful when they really make their presence known? Love it. One back at you. Last summer T sister came to see me for 10 days. We ended the visit with a Dinner at our favorite, favorite Italian restaurant. Very small and very good. MUST have a reservation. I made a reservation  for 2 and when we checked in the girl said where is the 3rd? We both looked at the Res book and sure enough they wrote down 3! Now I could see 2 or 4 but 3? We knew then he was with us for dinner. Keep those stories coming and you will learn to LOVE popcorn!

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