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My name is Lorna, my 40 year old partner Mark has cc.  He was diagnosed in Sept 2006.  Since then I thought I had lost him on several occasions as he had cholangitis and was very short of blood and lost an awful lot of weight.  He managed to get through that and has since had a metal stent inserted and two types of chemo.  He is currently in hospital having photodynamic therapy to keep the stent patent for longer.  Although he is suffering again with an infection, he is my brave fighter and I know he will not give up as he has too much to live for, me, my two teenage daughters, his sisters and most of all his 5 year old daughter.  I have only just discovered this web site as Mark normally hogs the computer but as he is in hospital I decided to have a browse.  I will return to this forum as there are lots of hopeful stories.  Thanks.


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Hi Lorna.

Mark does sound like a fighter with a very positive attitude. I hope his treatments work. Oh, welcome to the site. It is not only a place with hopeful stories but also a place with people with loads of answers and experience. Not to mention, just really nice and caring individuals.


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Thanks Kris

That was really nice of you to welcome me.

I can see that there are a lot of nice , caring people using this site.  I hope your treatment is going well too.  And yes cancer is just a word but it's an evil word, a word I would like to eliminate from the dictionary.



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Hi Lorna,
I hope your Mark is home and feeling better soon. You've come to the right place - read the good news when you're feeling down to give you inspiration for the future. You should have your computer hog get on the site, too - might help him out!

Best of luck,

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Welcome Lorna,

I will pray for Mark.  Don't just pray for a miracle, expect one.