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Can you get bile duct cancer if your gallbaldder has been removed?  My mother died of this awful disease in Sept of 2007. They had detected gallstones about 2 years prior to her cancer diagnosis. In the mean time she had broken her hip and needed 2 surgeries, so she never had her gall bladder removed.

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I would think so. They took out my gallbladder when I first had my tumor removed and I still have some bile ducts that cause trouble. Just a guess. Also, even once your bits have been removed, it is very common to get cc in other organs and places. I feel like you are asking one question but might be looking for a different answer...if I am wrong, apologies. CC is usually a slow growing cancer, so your mother most likely already had it when she was diagnosed with gallstones. In fact, many people who are diagnosed with gallstones, actually dont have gallstones but cc. I am one of those. This is a NASTY cancer. It hides, it masquerades, it hits you with a vengence. If your mother had the surgery to have her gallbladder removed, it is likely they would have found the cancer then. However, that doesnt mean she would have survived. Chemo isnt usually the answer for this cancer like it is others. Other treatments may or may not help-it is so individual. MAny respond, many dont. You cannot blame yourself or the doctors for your mother not getting surgery or detecting this cancer earlier. That is the beast of cc. I am terribly sorry you lost your mom to this.


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Rbeuscher... Yes you certainly can get CC with gallbladder removed.  To explain it best... the gallbladder has no other function to my knowledge except to store bile that comes from the liver.  It is like a little storage tank that releases bile to aid in digestion off foods.  Could it be a nusiance and possibally contribute to cc ?  My answer is maybe so as it is connected to the liver and holding excess bile secreted by the liver. It then emties it's bile as neede in to your dudeum (sp) to help with digestion.  My surgeon told me way back that it is nothing but a little trouble maker and if anyone had the chance to remove it they should. I don't know if this really answered anything but here it it is in a nutshell. I concur with Kris 100% it is a nasty cancer and it is trial and error as far as treatment goes.  Unfortunately it effects everyone differently.  We always pray for the best but sometimes God has different plans for some of us. My sympathy goes out to you for the lost of your Mom.
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Yes you most certainly can get it if your gall bladder has been removed.  It happened to me.  I had my gallbladder removed Nov 06 for gall stones, and other than the stones everything looked normal.  fast forward to Aug 07 and WHAM, what I thought was the flu or maybe a common duct stone turned out to be CC with mets.  Some cosmic joke, eh?