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A friend contacted us yesterday that we haven't heard from since my husband was diagnosed with cc.  About the same time this friend was diagnosed with cancer...not cc.  He opted to try an alternative treatment instead of chemo and has had success with Dr. Budwig's protocol.  I was wondering if anybody has any input about this.  I have googled and found out information but would sure like to hear if anybody with cc has tried this particular protocol.  Thanks.


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I tried it and it requires real dedication. I was unable to stick to it so I cant really give an opinion except that it was very restrictive.


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whenever I see these so called miracle cures I feel I need to remind the messenger that cancers are not always the same.  One diet may work for one specific type of cancer, but not specifically for another.  There is no such thing as a "cure" for all cancers, no matter how much i wish it were true